Pornhub launched its own VPN – VPNHub

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Many people uses the incognito mode or private mode in their browser so that histories are not recorded, for which one of the reason is Pornhub. Now, Pornhub launched its own Virtual Private Network(VPN), VPNHub and this might be a good news for incognito mode users.

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Adult site Pornhub launched its own free vpn service which is for android, macOS, iOS and windows. This feature enables to bypass pornhub’s geo-restrictions (or any other websites or apps). It also allows people to use internet being anonymous. All the above features comes for free of cost with fast speed.  The only setting you have to make is you have to select the country Unites States

VPNHub is also offering its premium version with monthly cost of $12.99 which has fast speed without ads, customer care and more country options.
if you want to use Pornhub’s VPN, VPNHub, you can download for Android and iOS but for Windows and macO, user needs to purchase its premium version which comes with 7-days trial

Free VPN is not actually a free, it comes with ads which might be irritating and some apps may collect data which can be used/sold to research for people’s behaviour,  so be smart while using free version of any type of apps. All you have to understand is this VPN, VPNHub is not only for Pornhub user but also for all user who wants to surf internet being anonymous.

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