MS Word Shortcut Keys 2018

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MS Word Shortcut Keys 2018

Most of the time , I use Ctrl + C to copy the selected content, Ctrl + V to paste the copied content, Ctrl + X to cut the selected content and Ctrl + N to open new document while using  Microsoft word. But there are much more shortcut keys which makes our writing much easier and faster.


If your job includes using Microsoft daily, then you must remember these shortcut keys, there are no other option. And all these shortcuts may not work in all versions of Microsoft word.


Here are Microsoft words shortcut keys:

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + ATo select all the contents of the page
Ctrl + BTo make bold/highlight the selected contents
Ctrl + CTo copy selected contents
Ctrl + DTo open font option bar
Ctrl + ETo align selected line in center
Ctrl + FTo open search box to find any content in the document
Ctrl + GTo find and change the options
Ctrl + HTo find and replace options
Ctrl + ITo make the selected content italic
Ctrl + JTo make/change alignment in content
Ctrl + KTo insert hyperlink inside text
Ctrl + LTo align selected text/line in left side
Ctrl + MTo indent the paragraph
Ctrl + NTo open new blank document
Ctrl + OTo open options
Ctrl + PTo open the print window
Ctrl + QTo Align selected paragraph in left side
Ctrl + RTo align selected text/line in right side
Ctrl + STo save the documents
Ctrl + THanging intent
Ctrl + UTo underline the selected content
Ctrl + VTo paste the copied content
Ctrl + XTo cut the selected contents
Ctrl + YTo redo the last action
Ctrl + ZTo reverse the last action
Ctrl + Shift + FTo change the current font
Ctrl + Shift + >To increase the selected font size by 1 if font size is below 12 and by 2 if above
Ctrl + Shift + <To decrease the selected font size by 1 if font size is below 12 and by 2 if above
Ctrl + ]To increase the selected font size by 1
Ctrl + [To decrease the selected font size by 1


I have tried ti include most of the MS word shortcut keys, if any shortcut keys has not been included feel free to share among us.

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