How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining in your Web Browser?

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How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining in your Web Browser?

Cyprocurrncy is a digital currency which is encrypted to regulate units of currency and verify the transfer of funds. This is operated independent of Central Bank of any country. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which was released in January 2009 and not all the cryptocurrency are use for payment. They are anonymous, decentralized and untraceable, so most of these are used as payment method. Most of the countries already legalized the cryptocurrency but some countries or their national bank has banned their use because their transaction are untraceable.


Cryptocurrencies are gaining more popularity, some of the website owners are being smart and using cryptocurrency mining script which uses the CPU power of those people who visits that website. Some of you may think its ok as those website owners are giving good online stuff for free. But developes has come up with methods to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browsers.


The world’s giant torrent website, The Pirate Bay, was found testing a Monero Cryptocurrency Miner on their website. They also reported that they might be using crypto miner in their website in near future to keep the website running. This is not new and many other website owners may be using the same technique.


How to find if your browser is secretely mining cryptocurrency?

Opening Windows Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Activity Monitor on mack by pressing Command + Space and explore for Activity Monitor, you’ll open Chrome’s task manager by progressing to Menu > More Tools > Task Manager. It’ll show tab-wise CPU usage in Chrome and assist you spot the if any website is mining cryptocurrency.

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How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining in your Web Browser?

No Coin Chrome extension

You can install No Coin chrome extension to stop coin mining in your web browser. No Coin is a free and open-source extension which controls how the websites are dealing with your web browsers.

When you visit any website and if any suspicious activities is running, you can see red sign in the symbol of No Coin extension in extension bar.


minerBlock  Chrome extension

minerBlock  is another chrome extension which can block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser. Similar to No Coin, it is also free and open source.


Block domains in adblocker

Another finest method to block cryptocurrency mining in your browser is to block domain in adblock extension. The setting to block domains depends on the setting of browser. In Chrome, install the AdBlock extension and go to Customize > Block Ad By URL.


Install MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes is one of the best antimalware software and this could act as a alternative to any miner blocking extensions. The advantage of using MalwareBytes is it gives the complete protection of ypur computer device.



We have researched as much as we can to make this article better. If you found your CPU is mining cryptocurrency, these are the best ways you can stop.

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