Best Operating Systems for Ethical hacking and penetration testing 2018

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If you are searching for the best operating system for laptop, then you are in the right platform. We are here to solve the curiosity, Techiez Stuff has made a list of all best and effective operating system for hacking and ethical purpose.

Here is the list of all operating system for hacking purpose with their download link. All these operating system are based on Linux Kernel and free to use.


Best operating system for ethical hacking and penetration testing 2018

Kali Linux

Kali Linux was developed by Offensive Security as the replace of BackTrack, tops our list of best operating systems for ethical hacking and penetration testing. It’s a Debian-based operating system, has more than 600 preinstalled pen testing tools which makes your security toolbox powerful. These tools are updated regularly and supports various platforms like ARM and VMware

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Parrot Security OS

Forzenbox’s team developed this debian-based operating system. The main activities that can be done in this operating system are ethical hacking, computer forensics, pen testing, cryptography etc. It is a light-weight operating system as compared to other with bunch of legally recognized tools

It is a combination of Kali Linux and Frozenbox OS.

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Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework is considered as the best Web Penetration Testing operating system. It is a preinstalled Linux environment for web pen-testing platform. It has a large number of free and open source tools for checking vulnerabilities in websites.

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Pentoo Linux

Pentoo Linux is the pen testing operating system based on Gentoo Linux and available as a 32-bit and 64-bit installable CD. If you have installed Gentoo already, you can use Pentoo on the top.

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DEFT Linux

Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit (DEFT) is a open source Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It is developed around Digital Advanced Response Toolkit, the DART.  DEFT Linux consists of multiple preinstalled forensic tools which Ethical hackers, penetration testers, IT Security specialists, and other people use.

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Computer Aided Investigation Environment, the CAINE, is based on Ubuntu which is focused on Security. This is developed in such a way that it can run from hard disk after installation. CAINE has large variety of tools which help you in system forensics.

This OS comes with a large number of application on the category database, memory, forensics, and network analysis.

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Network Security Toolkit

Network Security Toolkit is one of the best Linux distro based on Fedora which runs on 32-bit and 64-bit system. Network Security Toolkit gives access to the best open source network security application for penetration testing uses.

The major features of this open source distro includes network traffic sniffing, intrusion detection, network packet generation, network scanning etc.

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BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is the best Linux distribution focused on security researchers and ethical hackers. BlackArch Linux is derived from Arch Linux and you can install the BlackArch Linux on it even if you already have Arch Linux.

There are more than 1400 tools for hacking purposes in one of the constantly growing repo of this operating system.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose and we and our website does not encourage people to use these tools for illegal activities.

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