Best Hacking Apps and Tools for Android 2018

Best Hacking Apps and Tools for Android 2018

Best Hacking Apps and Tools for Android 2018

The most powerful operating system ever built for smartphones, android, an open source operating system and it is based on Linux Kernel. UI(User Interface) can be easily changed in this operating system and millions of applications are created in the market. Android smartphones can be used for penetration testing and security test from various hacking android apps


In this article we are discussing about popular and latest android apps which are useful for ethical hacking.


Disclaimer: All the contents in this article are for learning and security purpose and we don’t  support use of any apps/tools for illegal or unethical purpose.


Here are the best hacking apps and tools for 2018:


Remote Administration Tool for Android, AndroRAT, is a client/server application which was created to give the control of the Android system remotely and get information from this. It wa developed in Java Android for client side and Java/Swing for server side. This app can be used for the manipulation of other devices.


APK Inspector

APK Inspector is one of the most popular hacking apps in this field. The main goal of this application is to reverse engineer any android application. This means you can use this application to get the source code of any android application and can change for your interests. This app is sole for educational purpose.


Wi-Fi Kill

The main purpose of this app is to cut off anyone’s wifi over your networks. This app can be very much useful when you are using open network



This app’s mail goal is to connect two people over phone and makes them feel that they called each other. And the most important is you can record their conversation.



zAnti has got all the security tools for hacking any wifi. This is best hacking appps for android.


Fing Network Tools.

Fing Network Tools is a quick scanning tool for android which is used to discover the devices connected to the                wifi at that moment, map devices, find network security risks, troubleshoot network problems. Fing is the                        must-have application which have more than a dozen of free tools, ncluding Wi-Fi scanner, DNS lookup, ping                  port scanner, and service monitoring.

If you have any other suggestion, feel free to share with us. Thank you

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