4 Best Screen Recording Softwares

Screen Recording is useful in many ways. It can used to teach something, prepare video lectures , step by step guides ,tutorials, game plays and many more. It is very useful to content creators, youtubers and gamers alike. Here we have prepared a list of four best screen recording software according to our opinion. We have personally used and tested each and every one of them so, check out the list below:

  •  OBS Studio

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) studio is the first choice by users worldwide for screen recording or live streaming. This is a freeware packed with tons of features. It has many features and modes packed in it for recording your video, including your webcam & many other features. Although it does have a little bit of learning curve once you learn, you will love it.

Download it here!

  • Bandicam

Bandicam is the second on our list and it is probably the most efficient and reliable  paid screen recorder available in the market. It is loaded with tons of features like  Screen Capture mode, Game capture mode, webcam integration, secondary audio & much more. You can try it out for a trial period of 30 days but it comes with limited functionality i.e you can record videos up to 10 min length only. For full functionality and unlimited recording you need to buy the software at a price of 39$.

Download it here!

  • Mirillis Action

Mirilllis Action comes third in our list as it is one of the best-selling screen recorder software that comes with many cool features. With this software, you can do Live streaming, Record game plays, webcam recording and do microphone commentary etc. It has features, functionality and interface similar to Bandicam which makes both of them close competitors. It also has a trial period of 30 days but you can buy lifetime license at about 30$.

Download it here!

  • TechSmith Snagit

Last on our list is Techsmith Snagit developed by Techsmith corporation.This softwares comes with a built-in video editor along with the video capture, so you can edit your videos with ease. in it . It is number 4 in our list due to its cost which is about 50$ for a single license but in terms of features it has slightly more features than others mentioned above.

Download it here!


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