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The best antivirus software 2018

Talking about computer security, making our PC secure and protected has been a challenging. Malicious softwares are coming from from internet and various output devices. If you are using windows 10, you may think Windows Defender...

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Best android games for 2018

Decade ago, we were playing snake game in our Nokia mobile. Due to advancement in technology especially in technology field, we can play the best games even in our mobile phones. We can install free game...


4 Best Screen Recording Softwares

Screen Recording is useful in many ways. It can used to teach something, prepare video lectures , step by step guides ,tutorials, game plays and many more. It is very useful to content creators, youtubers and...

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MS Word Shortcut Keys 2018

Most of the time , I use Ctrl + C to copy the selected content, Ctrl + V to paste the copied content, Ctrl + X to cut the selected content and Ctrl + N to...

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What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a principle that says Internet service providers should treat all traffic on their networks equally. This concept implies that companies like Verizon should not block or slow down access to any website or content on...

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How to hide files in a JPG image

For this process to work you do not need more than a computer with a .ZIP or .RAR compressor software installed on it. Steps: 1.Pick an image of your choice and save it on your desktop...

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